autumn flavours

One of the most interesting aspects of our job is the total absence of humdrum. Maybe because our clients are everyday new clients or because their needings change constantly, but mainly because food raw materials are different and changeable...and so are we! On one side it would be much easier to prepare and serve the same plates all the year long, but what a bore... My family greengrocer suggested me today mushrooms, cabbages, truffles, cardoons, pumpkins, the first picked artichokes and (…)

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Little great wines

We have big plans with smaller bottles. And this is not a joke. Since always less people have been drinking a whole bottle of wine, why shouldn't we offer the same high quality wines but in  a smaller size(half bottle)? In France they have been since ever offering their most prestigious wines also in this size. In Italy, still few wine producers have perceived this as an important service and offer, by selecting only medium level wines.  It has not been easy for us to select high quality (…)

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Breakfast in the garden

It is so much pleasant to dine outside in summer; at Castello the dinner is always served outside in our garden or on our patio. But how about breakfast? How nice can be to eat a wonderful breakfast after a beauty sleep breathing the early morning air! Considered this, instead of placing a regular sun umbrella, we asked us "why not buy a tree?" Here below you will find some pictures of our beautiful maple that will keep our Royal Suite's guests company while enjoying the rich morning (…)

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