Yeast is the key ingredient that produces
not only beer, pizzas and pastries,
but plenty of fun too.

The ideal setting for convivial gatherings. Welcome to the Veranda, originally the garden, glassed in some 50 years ago, but still bursting with greenery even in the winter months and a breathtaking view over the countryside right to the distant sea. The Veranda is the place to sample our more down-to-earth dishes or to enjoy a pizza baked in our wood oven.

Veranda Menù
PIZZA Dough mixes Choose your favourite pizza from among these dough mixes.

Pan pizza

A treasure rediscovered. We have revived the first Northern Italian pizzas, cooked and served, as the name suggests, in a pan. Not for fans of thin crispy pizzas.

Kamut flour

Made from hard-grain Khorasan wheat, ancient organically grown variety, still popular in Egypt, its native land. It has a higher protein and mineral salts content, particularly selenium, zinc and magnesium, than modern grains.

Natural (mother) yeast

A natural yeast ‘born’ here at the castle in 2005, lovingly jealously preserved since then and kept alive by refreshing it when necessary. It is more digestible and keeps better than brewer’s yeast.


Wholegrain cereals deliver active healthy ingredients. Wholegrain flour is made by milling whole wheat grains including the husk, which is the part with the most nutritious properties.


Beer has been with us for centuries but today’s young brewers are coming up with some exciting new ideas. For years we have been choosing the most interesting breweries in person.

Four different pumps for draught beer, rotated every 2 months, and a beer list with over 70 varieties to choose from, arranged by type.

Beer List


T.  0547.347030   Mobile  380.5412654 The Veranda takes bookings from Monday to Friday.
On weekends and public holidays we accept bookings for a minimum of 12 people. For smaller tables seating fewer than 12, you are welcomed in at the entrance and if you have to wait, there is a welcome drink on the house. We accept bookings only by telephone, not by e-mail.

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